sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to my new blog^^ The one I used to have "Your Own Little Special Space" was taken of blogger for unknown reasons and as blogger told me I have taken it off they have no record.... so I have to start again, allthough why I would want to delete my blog is a mystery to me.
Anyway, allthough this one still has to go through a few changes, which I'll be doing soon with help (hopefully) from fellow blogger Alaiel.
Anyway so this is my libary:

Yes okay... It's my dream library, well not exactly but my friend will be doing a painting of one of my book characters in my dream library, hopefully soon and then you'll see it^^
I have a particular afinity with wolfs as my own dog is part wolf.
In my reviews I'll be honest and if I don't like your book I'll say so, but I will also say why and I'll give you in between 1 star and 5 stars.
See you all soon :)

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Alaiel Kreuz dijo...

So, yeah, I'm following twice xD Sorry...^^U
Anyway... Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I'm goint to be your first comment! How cool is that?!
And you mentioned me in your introduction... awwwww... thanks a lot, Nathiel!
Well, I'll be coming soon, and help you when I can, love you!!!


Nathiel dijo...

xD no probs more followers for me!! And anyway I'm following you twice to even if I can access to one of them :( Thanks for coming by^^ Love you

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