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Bloodletter, Angel Haze

Name: Bloodletter.
Author: Angel Haze
Series: None
Publisher: Angel Haze.
Format: Ebook.
Pdf version: 193 pages.
About the author: Angel Haze is a Canadian author who spent her teens watching CSI, studying forensics, and delving into the criminal mind. She is an avid read of thriller, mystery, horror, and fantasy novels.
Where can you buy it:

What goodreads says:
Thou shalt not kill.
A contradictory message written in blood at the scene of a young woman’s murder. Within days, another body surfaces with a similar calling card and, to Detective Ramon Faust and Criminalist Kelly Garret, it’s clear a deadly game is underfoot.
As the rash of horrific crimes continue, a phone call unearths a shocking revelation: Nakeita isn’t the first city the elusive killer has left his mark. The Bloodletter, as dubbed by the media, has played his deadly game before.
Delving deep into the most terrifying case of Kelly’s career, threatening phone calls and flashbacks of a forgotten near-death experience challenge her sanity and the lives of everyone she loves.

My opinion:
Angel sent me this book to review and I have to say I am glad because I really enjoyed this book. 

As a fan of Criminal Minds and C.S.I this book had the analisis of the criminal behaviour and the lab parts.
The main protagonist is Kelly Garret a criminalist in the town of Nakeita, she's a good cop and is the daughter of one. At first Kelly seems to have a perfect life: good friends, a good job and the man of her dreams, but these killings will dig up pieces of her past long forgotten.
The best friend is Chad, a cute and professional fellow policeman and Kelly's childhood friend.
The bad guy, is of course the killer, but just maybe there might be more than catches the eye.
The best part of this book is that allthough you can guess who the killer is, you always have a few options and it's not until the last couple of chapters that you actually confirm who it is.
The relationships in between the characters was well written and while sometimes tragic other times it was also funny.
I love the cover of the book as it gives you an idea of what you will find inside.
As for the ending, well I think it was open so there's a distinct possibility that we might here more from Kelly and her friends in the future. I hope so :)
So thank you Angel for giving me the opportunity to read your book and I'll keep an eye out for your new books :)
I give it 5 out of 5
See you next time guys^^

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