About me

Hi everyone!!
I'm Nathiel and welcome to my blog, which I managed to create after much arguments with my computer and alot of help from my fellow blogger Alaiel (Librarian Mouse).
So a bit about me. Let's see.
I love reading and I read alot^^ I will read any genre and I will always finish the book, there is only one book I have never finished (hides in shame) and it's a spanish classic but I just couldn't.
What else?? Hmmm... I'm a bit crazy (good crazy of course) and random, I can sometimes be a bit childish and other times very mature, although I am way over age I still get asked for some kind of identification when ordering a alcoholic drink (the legal age is 18 and I'm 23!!!)
Allthough I don't watch that much television I do enjoy watching series such as Criminal Minds or Game of Thrones. I also love the english Sci-Fi series of Doctor Who and it's spin-off Torchwood (and the books of said series)
I currently live in the sunny southern Spain right on the coast of the sun. Yep you can guess it's really hot!! But I was born in England.
Currently I'm going back to study to be an auxilary nurse, but my real dream is to be an author. I have written for the school newspaper and a local newspaper.
I am a big fan of Harry Potter as I grew up reading these books and can answer nearly every question you can think of off the top of my head.
Random things about me:
1) I can read 15 books in 24 hours, I did in the readathon I participated a couple of weeks ago.
2) I can remember practically everything I read, so by looking at a book I'll know if I've read it or not.
3) I can't cook to save my life, I burn everything even myself.
4) I am mortally afraid of clowns since I read It by Stephen King when I was 8.
5) I love wolves!!!

And I think that's it^^ Anything else feel free to ask don't be shy and enjoy!!