Review policy

Hi Everyone Nathiel here :)
So as I've recieved a couple of books to review this week I decided to put up a review policy as to not get into trouble.
So before I start I want to clear a couple of things:
1. I am not a professional reviewer.
2. I'll give you a honest review and in the unlikely case I don't like your book I will contact you before posting it, just to make sure. 
3. I love reading and read fast, but if I haven't reviewed your book yet please be patient, I'll get to it soon, or you can send me an email or a PM on facebook or twitter asking me about it, as it's possible that your book got sent to my spam mail and I didn't see it.

What I'll review:
Any genere you have really.
Formats I'll take:
ARC (Oh I love them^^) 
E-books (In any format)
Paperbacks and hard copies (allthough I love these I also understand that not living in the States creates the problem of international packaging.
What I will include in my review:
The cover
The title and author.
The authors web and a mini bibliography.
The publisher.
The format I read it in and the pages it had.
A summary
My review, including my rating.
And a link to purchase another copy (Amazon, Barnes and Noble...)
Where do I post my reviews:
Here on my blog.
And the Book Depository.
If you want me to review it somewhere else also, just say so and I'll do so happily.
Contact information:
Just drop me an email at:
Or pm me on twitter or facebook.
Thank you for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks to Elena Dudina for letting me use her drawing it's amazing. To see all her work visit her on Deviantart here: