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The Nine Orders, Ivan J. Torres

Name: The nine orders
Author: Ivan J. Torres
Series: Peacekeeper Chronicles (Book 1)
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Format: Pdf
Pages: 122 pages.

Website: I can't find one.
About the author: Ivan J Torres was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico during the spring of 1979. He began his venture into writing with poetry and songwriting. In recent years, he started writing novels of which this is the fourth one and first to be published. He currently resides in Northern Virginia.
Where can you buy it:
Xlibris (The publisher)
Book depository

What goodreads says or in this case amazon: 
One regular Halloween night like any other is abruptly disrupted by an invading force that no human has ever encountered. Millions of people murdered or taken away in just one night. What is attacking them is beyond their wildest imagination. With no clue of what is happening, Adrian finds himself in a quest for answers. Along with him is Clayton, his best friend for over 14 years.
As their journey begins, they struggle for survival against demon-like creatures. Unaware of the extent of the attack, they find themselves in the middle of a conflict of epic proportions. With humans facing extinction, could they find out the answers or are the answers beyond their human comprehension?
Able to fend off things they were never trained to in their respective fields, Adrian and Clayton will have to race against time and find their inner strength... the strength that will make them more than human.

What I say:
Thank you Ivan for sending this book for review I really enjoyed it.
So this book is action packed from the first page it is well written and interesting and doesn't let you stop until you finish it.
I love anything mythological and if it mixes the eternal battle in between angels and demons well even better.
This book does that and even more it also brings in other creatures.
 Hands up to the author because he did his research and everything made sense (when it had to anyway) I loved the descriptions and the different characters and the demons were as creepy as they are supposed to be and the angels, well they weren't the good boys as normally portrayed but warriors as I always thought them to be.
This book is dark and full of death and a bit gore so if you've got a weak stomach you might not want to eat while reading it, especially if like me you've got a very vivid imagination.
It's a must read if you like reading about angels and their stories.
I give it 4 out of 5.
See you all next time with the review of an ARC of a Spanish debut author :)

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