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History of the Timelaws, Marise Ghorayeb

 Name: History of the Timelaws
Author: Marise Ghorayeb
Series: Yes, but has no name
Publisher: Kindle edition
Format: PDF
Pages: 209
Website: None
About the author: Marise is a 24 year old female Mechanical Engineer, with a passion for losing herself in a good story (written or filmed). Her favorites include Doctor Who, Firefly adn any book in the Young Wizards Series by Diane Duane. Currently she has published books: "History of the Timelaws" and it's prequel Sorcery in the Alleys.
Where can you buy it:

What goodreads says: 
The classic time paradox question: If I go back in time to change the past, and succeed, then will I have ever had reason to go back in the first place? Or better yet, if I go back in time to change events, when will I start remembering the new order? Elizabeth doesn’t know the answers to these questions any more then you or I. However, she’s going to have to find those answers real fast if she wants to continue existing.

What I say:
Marise sent me this book to review and I'm glad. I really liked this book, it was challenging but also a great read, I loved the references to Doctor Who and like Elizabeth I also expected a blue police box to appear out of no where :) The book was fast paced and changes into different times where the different Elizabeth's were doing different things. At first this makes it a bit difficult to follow especially as the book is so fast paced, but after the first or second time you get used to it.
Elizabeth is a 15 year old who is the leader of the Darks of her time, Darks are one of the factions in which the earth is divided, and they can travel through Time and Space as well as having magical powers. 
On the other hand you have their "enemies" the wizards who have no defined leader.
And at last the normal humans who live in a blissful ignorance of what's happening around them.
I loved that we got introduced to people of the three different groups, and we get to know them and see a bit of their lives.
Over all, it was an enjoyable reading although I recommend that you find out a bit about time traveling before reading it.
I give it 4 out of 5.

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