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Promise, Kristie Cook

First of all I want to appologize for posting this a couple of days late, but my little brother was taken to the hospital (he's only nine) diagnosed with diabetes so I have been with him he's much better now. I'm also in the process of moving houses and starting nursing school so evverything is a bit hectic right now.
Next well here's my review of Promise by Kristie Cook. Enjoy ;)

Name: Promise
Author: Kristie Cook
Series: Soul Savers book 1.
Publisher: Ang'dora Productions, LLC
Format: Epub
Pages: 368 pages.
About the author: Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle.
Where can you buy it:
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What goodreads says:
When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can’t be real, she decides it’s time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family’s secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy…until she discovers he’s not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel.
Their union brings hope and promise to her family’s secret society, the Angels’ army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy – Satan’s minions and Tristan’s creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

Book Trailer:

My opinion:

I recieved this book for reviewing as part of the Romancing your dark side Paranormal Book Tour and at the end of this post you can find out how to win your own copy.
This book was amazing, it was actually better than I expected :)
Alexis is an unusual girl, on one hand her and her mum are always moving around, and her mum doesn't look old enough to be it, she's a writer and a bit of an outsider, so when they move to Florida so that she can start college, Alexis just wants to be normal for once.
I can totally relate to Alexis as when I was at school I was a bit like her (except the moving around part, I only moved once)
And then Tristan walks into her life (and mine) first as a friend who might be a little stalkerishy at first, but turns out to be loyal, protective and sweet and totally gorgeous.
I loved how it wasn't instant love, yes there was attraction, but it wasn't I love you even if I've only known you for like 2 seconds. And even when they admitted the love they still had tons of issues.
But that's not all, as well as having their own issues they have family secrets, add to that, the fact that Alexis isn't told any of these secrets, well trouble is bound to happen.
The secondary characters such as Sophia and Owen are well written and interesting, especially Owen, he was so sweet I wanted to hug and squeeze him.
The whole plot and writing was really good and kept you on the edge, and the cliffhanger!!! I can't wait to read the second and third book.
So I give it 5 stars and hope to read the second book soon ;)
So as to how to win your own copy. Well leave a comment with you email and be a follower of my blog and you'll be entered to win. Giveaway ends October the seventh.
And don't forget to participate in the giveaway of Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott.

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come check my blog, iv given you an award

Kristie Cook dijo...

Thank you for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Nikki dijo...

Excellent review! I can't wait to read this book!

dawnmomoffour dijo...

Excellent and informative review. Thank you!
-Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

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