viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Halloween Blog Post

Hi Everyone!!!! This is my Halloween Post as part as the Halloween Tour organized by Angel Haze ;)
We all know what Halloween is all about right?? Or do we, for some people, children and not so children, Halloween is all about dressing up as our favourite monsters and scaring the lights out of adults and getting lots of sweets ;) Trick or treat. For the more adult people it's about dressing up and going out to party until the sun comes up.

But traditionally Halloween is a Celtic festivitie and a Wiccan holiday known as all Hallows Eve or Samhain, the night when everything is possible and when the line between the land of the dead and the living is very thin. It's a night of celebration and dancing and also the wiccan new years.
It's the time to get rid of the things that hurt us and start a new life with new examples.

But it's also a time of mourning and remembering the dead. After which they would eat a wonderful feast and drink utill the sun came up (so not much different in that aspect right?) hahahaha
But for me Halloween is also my little brother's birthday, he's ten this year and has just been diagnosed with Diabetes so this year he won't be able to eat all the candy unless it's sugar free, thankfully he has to older sisters that are more than willing to take those he can't eat and eat them theirselves :)  So as long as I don't find any Clowns that night (My one and only true terror, something to do with reading IT by Stephen King when I was seven. I think) I'm going to have lots of fun and as I'm a wiccan I'll also remember the dead before I go out. Good thing I live in a country where the party doesn't start till midnight!!!

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